Fire is a significant risk to any business, but even more so in the hospitality sector: hotels, restaurants, bars, leisure centres etc. are at a higher risk of a fire as they can be occupied up to 24 hours a day. Being responsible not only for your own safety but that of the employees and guests, you know more than anyone that keeping safety standards high at all times in your hospitality business is paramount. Our team has adequate experience in fire safety and fire fighting system implemenation for hospitality industry.

Health care & Diagnostic Centers

Hospitals have many patients admitted in critical condition. Many people who would have mobility issues and many would not even be alert in case of an emergency. By ensuring Fire Safety in hospitals, we can prevent Fire Accidents. Hospitals stack a lot of combustible materials like chemicals, Cylinders, Surgical Equipment, etc. And many hospitals also have an inbuilt Kitchen or Canteen. A Fire Accident may have a lot of casualties as the Fire may become uncontrollable in minutes. So, the hospital management should ensure that their buildings are Fire Safe all the times.

IT Towers

Full compliance with fire regulations and passive fireproofing measures are at the forefront of fire safety in protecting tower blocks and high-rise buildings from being devastated by fire. Fire can spread rapidly under the right conditions, completely engulfing multiple floor levels and even destroying an entire tower block. For this reason, fire safety in tower blocks is extremely important. Our team is well versed with fire risk assesment and making adequate fire safety systems and alarm systems.

Manufacturing Units

Your manufacturing facility’s first defense against any fire is your fire protection system. From fire detection to suppression, your building shpould have an entire system that is designed to protect your facility and everything — and everyone — in it from fire. Our team is wel versed with installation of commercial grade fire protection system, fire safety and evacuation training and also on fire safety for heavy euipments. Call us today to get a quote.

Shopping Malls

Shopping malls are the luxurious and leisure way to get out of the busy and hectic life. But, recently, we have witness number of fire accident cases in commercial complexes, worldwide, that lead to a tragic loss of human life. Although malls and retail stores with high density of crowd are bounded to follow the National Fire Safety Standards and all the required safety measures, Fire is an uninvited guest that should be prevented from the root. Our team can help you in designing fire safety system, fire fighting system and also can train on emergency evacuation drills.


Transport infrastructure in the world faces a number of challenges including capacity issues due to population increase. Airports, like other forms of public transportation, need to not only maximise capacity from their current facilities but also look at growing the facilities to accommodate increased passenger use. WIth growing passengers and number terminals the risk of fire also increases. Fire safety should be part of the design engineering and should be planned along with the structural design. We are well euipped to help you as per best practices in fire safety for airports. Get in touch to know more.