About Us

About us

Yash Secure Solutions has the resources and capabilities to plan, design, construct and manage a range of mechanical and electrical engineering projects and their supporting infrastructures.

Each subsidiary and associate company brings to the Group, vast expertise and experience critical to the success of any project it undertakes.

Our core values are:

  • Innovation in our concepts, services, products and delivery system to provide our clients with viable solutions.
  • Responsible conduct towards our customers, employees, the community and environment in which we operate constant improvement –to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.
  • Taking the long view in our businesses and actions to ensure that we have a Sustainable future.

At Yash Secure Solutions, we strive for excellence in everything we do – from delivering ground –breaking world – class projects through our core business of fire fighting work.

Yash Secure Solutions works traits of innovation, superior quality and outstanding value are results of our emphasis on consistent operational excellence coupled with differentiation and value creation to meet our customer needs.

While delivering the highest quality is a key in each and every Yash Secure Solutions Group projects we build and develop in harmony with nature to provide a better environment, an environment that adds value to life and enriches the experience of living.

Yash Secure Solutions Capabilities

The depth & breadth of the Yash Secure Solutions portfolio reflects our diverse capabilities & areas of expertise. Our In house expertise in Electrical, Fire Fighting, Telecom and Security survialiance helps us to identify key challenges, find solutions early in the preconstruction process.

We provide high level of commitment to each and every client.
As a Turnkey MEP agency, we shall be :

  • Keeping project on track
  • Delivering value in every phase
  • Meeting project deadlines
  • Protecting your investment
  • Expertise you can count on


  • Yash Secure Solutions is committed to constant improvement in every market segment we serve and to adding tangible value to our clients, customers and vendors
  • To Guide customers through the fundamentals
  • To the most visible aspect of their businesses with continuous emphasis on meeting the needs of our clients, without losing sight on value.


To contribute towards the growth of an increasingly discerning Market and industry, and achieving customer satisfaction not only for outstanding workmanship, but also quality design, concepts functionality and style.


  • Emphasis on quality work as part of our corporate culture
  • Quality awareness and practice at all levels
  • Leadership by example and quality management
  • Providing the best to achieve client satisfaction
  • Strive to be the best-quality driven corporation in the industry
  • At every level within Yash Secure Solutions there is a strict adherence e to ethical and fair practices and to the belief that the company should deal with all customers, clients, employees and suppliers in a fair and honest manner

Quality Values

  • Lasting clients’ satisfaction with quality and service.
  • Committed and dedicated to continuous quality improvement.
  • Leading edge in participative management and teamwork.